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fasted cardio! everyones favourite topic

Discussion in 'Research links and discussion' started by chris.henderson, Dec 11, 2014.


    chris.henderson New Member

    Now as most here will probably know this is an argument that comes up probably every other day. Does it work? Does it matter? Does old Billy down the gym swear by it so "it must work coz hes ripped". Have you bothered to look at the science?
    Well lucky for you I have ;) and its not looking good for old Billy down the gym who swears by it.
    I will post more studies to this later today but here is one for now

    Staggolee Dictator Staff Member

    I've been doing the usual DIY pre Christmas so I've only just got on to see this - welcome back @chris.henderson!

    Staggolee Dictator Staff Member

    Fasted cardio discussion thanks to the extremely knowledgeable and all round good guy Chris Henderson.
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    chris.henderson New Member

    Thanks Ed. Everything has calmed down now so I have time to start uploading studies again :)

    lukic Member

    Pretty interesting! If I am to train twice a day, I'm more likely to do resistances at around 6am, then cardio 4pm ... I did try the fasted am cardio but hated doing weights after work! Nice to know I don't have to compromise.
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