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10 pack abs

Discussion in 'Training' started by glitchface, Jul 24, 2017.


    glitchface New Member

    Hi all, I started training 3 months ago to get back in shape, nothing serious and my friends were shocked by the fact I had 8 pack abs really quickly.
    I can now feel muscle fibers splitting into more sections below.
    I read up that some people do have more abs and saw that Mr 10 pack video lol
    I don't want to be a big guy or anything but want to have a go at earning a 10 pack just because I can!
    Problem is I don't want to have a massive stomach and regular body but I've been told I will need to use weights and resistance to bring them out (obviously diet being accounted for).
    It feels like something I should do as it seems a pretty rare attribute to have, would be a shame not to really.

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